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Messy meetings

Our big Wakonye Kenwa meetings always make me a bit anxious. The trickiest part comes before the meeting even starts. Unable to kick my western habit, I always arrive on time. After about 20-25 minutes, your early birds arrive. After … Continue reading

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I was really annoyed tonight because of a delayed shipment for our new camera (our previous one was stolen). The Ugandan courier company charged us 90,000 shillings more than we agreed to pay for our shipping (that’s a LOT here). … Continue reading

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A tale of two kitties

This morning it dawned on me- I’ve left a plot-line unresolved! It was 4 months ago now that two little pawing mewing big-eyed big pawed things mysteriously turned up outside our place. When they first arrived, 3 weeks old, orphaned, … Continue reading

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First Christmas

I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty homesick in the last few weeks. My thoughts have flicked to far-away family and friends, leafy streets in Bryndwr and everyone wonderful who lives there, St Tims, and the Southern Alps a bit too often. … Continue reading

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The Princess, the Moustache and a Chinese conspiracy.

We’ve been silent, we know. To be honest, Kampala just didn’t inspire us to write. Perhaps it was being detached from the community environment here in Lacor, our new place-to-belong. However, Nicks (absolutely super wow-mazing) tropical medicine course wound up … Continue reading

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Nappy logistics

Confession. Until recently, I have largely managed to avoid all things baby-related. These unknown little-entities always seemed too fragile, too breakable. Facebook posts by worn out mothers terrified me. Now that I live in close proximity to several little babies, … Continue reading

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Staying alone, together

Nick leaving for his tropical medicine course was a major bonding point with my neighbours. My wonderful neighbours are female, and they all have little babies. Allegedly, there are husbands. I’ve made a couple of sightings of these rare specimens, … Continue reading

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David Attenborough take a back seat Well not really, but here’s a nature clip of the famous ‘white ants’, complete with extremely poor (if mildly amusing) commentary. People go a bit nuts for this local delicacy when a swarm comes. Children are everywhere with lamps … Continue reading

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Bathroom Friends

Anyone who knows me at all, knows I’m not a fan of being alone. Thankfully, even in the bathroom many friendly creatures now join me in the welcoming damp environment. Its my pleasure to introduce some of my bathroom friends. … Continue reading

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What we have and what we don’t

Here’s a bit more about our sweet home situation. It’s a wee bit different from life in New Zealand, but to Ugandan readers it probably seems fairly luxurious. Feel free to ask questions! What We Have ‘Chigiri’: I.E. charcoal stove. Not only … Continue reading

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