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Don’t try this at home…?

You can all picture me in a coarse swandry, beer in hand, hanging with backcountry farmers, stoically, conversing about rainfall patterns and the latest big game, right? Talking crop best practices, harvesting and sale logistics? Yup, me and fifty-something year … Continue reading

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New beginnings

This is the poster I drew for the very first meeting of our new group at our little local church in Lacor: Every Saturday afternoon we throw open the church’s shutters to let the light in, dust off long wooden … Continue reading

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First Christmas

I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty homesick in the last few weeks. My thoughts have flicked to far-away family and friends, leafy streets in Bryndwr and everyone wonderful who lives there, St Tims, and the Southern Alps a bit too often. … Continue reading

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The Princess, the Moustache and a Chinese conspiracy.

We’ve been silent, we know. To be honest, Kampala just didn’t inspire us to write. Perhaps it was being detached from the community environment here in Lacor, our new place-to-belong. However, Nicks (absolutely super wow-mazing) tropical medicine course wound up … Continue reading

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