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No-one Knows

With limited resources and sick patients, figuring out what’s going on can be nearly impossible sometimes. This time even the ultrasound thew the question straight back at us!    

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A bit of inspiration.

A middle aged woman visitor who I’d never seen before stood up last week in church to present a very exuberant announcement indeed. “Right – we need to give some more money for the church. I’ll start with this 20,000 … Continue reading

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A day of Zeros

Zero – The Cd4 immune cell count of a young HIV positive man with a brain full of fungus. We’ve got a thousand of these CD4 immune cells, he’s got Zero. He was nearly dead when he arrived, but after … Continue reading

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3 mistakes in a row – sugar goes too low

I was in the Intensive care unit today with a woman on the cusp of death. Her husband handed me the pills she had been taking, and my stomach imploded. Surely this wasn’t possible. A wise man once said…   “You … Continue reading

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Warm, nervous smile

Today its a warm, nervous smile. Today I can see her cheekbones – a big improvement. Lacan is only 19 and on top of the blessing of a new child, she walks a tightrope between life and death. Her heart … Continue reading

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