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Book Your Future

As I arrive home on my iron donkey, I notice a resplendent fluorescent orange mango. My eyes flick down the tree to ten expectant children sitting underneath. It’s reading time! “‘I can jump,’ said the frog. ‘I can’t jump,’ said … Continue reading

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You’ll never guess Northern Uganda’s biggest export

No it’s not heroin. It’s probably not coffee, or maize, or soya beans like you might expect. It’s probably charcoal. I don’t have solid evidence, but it’s hard to imagine it being anything else. A year ago, my parents and I … Continue reading

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I felt you coming I thought you were a mere fart You were so much more (Heiku describing a shared experience. By an Anonymous Visitor)

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The Day I Fired a Poor Man

(Name, location, age, job title and gender may have been changed to protect identity) “Your contract finishes in a month. I’m really sorry, but we’re not going to renew it. We’ll pay for your transport and your belongings to be … Continue reading

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My African friends who agree with Trump

Call me old fashioned, but due to the sheer quantity of swearing required, from henceforth ‘shit’ shall be written as $#% Straight after the famous $#%@hole comment, the internet flooded with response, my facebook wall included. Many nice, thoughtful responses … Continue reading

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Blame the NGO, not Ed Sheeran

The Radiator Awards highlight the best and worst aid fundraising videos of the year. Yes, this blog is about the worst: the winner of the ‘Rusty Radiator.’ Comic Relief (an NGO) fronted by Ed Sheeran won the prize, and the judges … Continue reading

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Dad and Uganda in The Press

Recently my parents had their second magical visit to Uganda. Mum taught kids full time, bringing amazing resources and reinvigorating our class. Dad got to know the locals, and wrote this unorthodox, yet insightful article which got published!

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