The Princess, the Moustache and a Chinese conspiracy.

We’ve been silent, we know. To be honest, Kampala just didn’t inspire us to write. Perhaps it was being detached from the community environment here in Lacor, our new place-to-belong. However, Nicks (absolutely super wow-mazing) tropical medicine course wound up last week, and we just arrived back in Lacor. So heres a whistle stop tour of our 6 weeks in Kampala, edited highlights only:

  1. My Acholi language partner was a Princess! That’s right, the daughter of an Acholi clan leader. Her name even means ‘Princess.’
  2. Nick discovered that China hid the best drug in the world for over thirty years. Its called Artemisinin, it cures malaria, and its made from a Chinese plant. Explanation = cold war.
  3. I was tricked into teaching Sunday School for six weeks. We acted lots of stories and I wound up enjoying it. Unfortunately I couldn’t break the kids habit of answering in unison “trust God” or “we should pray” in answer to most questions…
  4. Our flat mate taught me to bake a cake using only a Chiggeri! (tiny charcoal stove). In your face, electric oven.
  5. We discovered that a there are Anglican churches in Kampala that tell their church-goers that if you are rich, its because God is on your side (and if you are poor….) Eek.
  6. Nick can now manage an Ebola outbreak single handed with his eyes closed. No kidding.

No seriously, Nick’s tropical medicine course was utterly amazing. It was so amazing, the boys went to great lengths to fund-raise to pay for another East African doctor to do the course next year:


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