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Ward Round

Originally posted on TROP MED:
No other doctors had arrived yet on the maternal high dependency ward that morning. The nurse calls me over, she looks quite flustered. There is a 24-year-old woman, 16 weeks pregnant, gasping. She still has…

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How Uganda and the UN are fooling the world. Refugees for Cash

“Every day for nearly a year, an average of about 2,000 refugees have entered Uganda from South Sudan… Luckily, their new home may be the best place on the planet to be a refugee.” Washington Post Impossible. How can reputable news … Continue reading

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“Never Lose Hope” Stories from the Women’s Prison

This isn’t a call to give money, it’s a call to read the stories of some incredible women. Phoebe (Tessa’s sister) has worked in the women’s prison for the last 6 months, teaching women to read, and more recently teaching … Continue reading

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Gulu’s 5 favourite Music Genres – with surprises!

Everyone loves music, so I thought I’d share what’s popular here in Northern Uganda. The last two genres might surprise you! Traditional Acholi Acholi traditional music is fast paced and toe tapping. It can make my hips move automatically. It’s … Continue reading

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Yes, they tax us for using facebook!

It actually happened. Yesterday, on the 1st of July I tried to open facebook on my phone and got an extended loading bar. What? Surely not? The government actually blocked our social media! Coup leader and Dictator of over 30 … Continue reading

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Gulu Prison: Update and a Plan

Originally posted on The World-Once-Removed Weekly:
Book Exchange *This follows on from my previous post about the library – read that first 😊 We raided the library a second time. Books sat in piles on a table while we taught…

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Head above water. A heartwarming story!

Walter is unique. Of all of our nurses, he’s the only one who makes sick patients laugh before they even sit down. It’s impossible to feel bad when you are around him. We had great hopes for the New health … Continue reading

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