Can you identify AI art? – take the quiz!

Tessa, my wife scoffed. “I bet I can tell the difference between AI generated art and human art. Get me a mix of both and let’s see. So I made her a mix of 7 human and 7 AI created images and put her to the test. I would have had zero clue which was which!

Did a human or AI create this art? Take the Quiz to find out!

There’s a good chance you’ve experimented by with the Chat GPT3 chatbot or DALL-E image creation. After much AI hype the last few years, it’s finally got real in the last few months. After 30 minutes chatting with chat GPT I got some chills down my spine, and the chatbot has passed exams from law, business and medical school, as well as helping hackers write malware.

AI art might seem less important, but millions of artists are under threat and an entire industry stands to be disrupted.

AI challenges the traditional concept of what constitutes art and who can be considered an artist. While AI algorithms generate visually stunning images, there is debate over whether they are truly creative or if credit should go to the human programmer. Also, AI art raises questions about authenticity, originality, and the value of AI-generated works. Some argue that AI art is a valuable addition to the art world, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and highlighting the role of technology in contemporary culture. Others believe it is a threat to traditional artistic practices and devalues the efforts of human artists.

And yes this is a cheap shot, but the last paragraph was written by chat GPT, not yours truly.

Anyway Here’s the link to the quiz. If you give it a go I’ll message you to tell you whether you defeated my wife or not ;). If you are brave enough Post your score in the comments!

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9 Responses to Can you identify AI art? – take the quiz!

  1. Sharyn says:

    9/14 tricked a bit by photoshopped ones…

  2. Sharyn says:

    Mum 9/14 Dad 11/14

    Photoshopped ones were tricky.

    • ntlaing says:

      Wow nice one both of you, dad currently has the clean highest score out of 15 respondents. Amazing – get Alice, Nick, Emily, Joey to do it too hahaha

  3. Peter Wright says:

    Well that’s less than random probability😂

  4. Bronwyn says:

    7/14 – I may have well just guessed!
    Interesting quiz though, thanks Nick

  5. Myriam COOKE says:

    9/14…pure guesswork. More like, “I think they want me to think that this looks like robot art, so I’ll pick human”
    What was Tessa’s score?

  6. Rebecca Lyman says:

    11/14 but it was totally guesswork 



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