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Don’t try this at home…?

You can all picture me in a coarse swandry, beer in hand, hanging with backcountry farmers, stoically, conversing about rainfall patterns and the latest big game, right? Talking crop best practices, harvesting and sale logistics? Yup, me and fifty-something year … Continue reading

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I was really annoyed tonight because of a delayed shipment for our new camera (our previous one was stolen). The Ugandan courier company charged us 90,000 shillings more than we agreed to pay for our shipping (that’s a LOT here). … Continue reading

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A bit of inspiration.

A middle aged woman visitor who I’d never seen before stood up last week in church to present a very exuberant announcement indeed. “Right – we need to give some more money for the church. I’ll start with this 20,000 … Continue reading

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Give me Money

We’re now largely spared random requests as people get to know us, but the children persist. “Mornu, Mornu!, give me sweet, give me money”.  Amusingly some of the lovely little ones even do it in Acoli, our local language “Mia … Continue reading

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First Christmas

I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty homesick in the last few weeks. My thoughts have flicked to far-away family and friends, leafy streets in Bryndwr and everyone wonderful who lives there, St Tims, and the Southern Alps a bit too often. … Continue reading

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Warm, nervous smile

Today its a warm, nervous smile. Today I can see her cheekbones – a big improvement. Lacan is only 19 and on top of the blessing of a new child, she walks a tightrope between life and death. Her heart … Continue reading

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Sometimes things are the same

In (broken) Acholi after initial greetings Me: I’m going to Kampala for a work Visa, why are you travelling to Kampala? Lady: I’m going to buy ‘Waa’ Me: Sorry I don’t understand, your going to buy what? (thinking I’ve heard wrong) … Continue reading

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