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A bit of inspiration.

A middle aged woman visitor who I’d never seen before stood up last week in church to present a very exuberant announcement indeed. “Right – we need to give some more money for the church. I’ll start with this 20,000 … Continue reading

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Give More for the Floor!

The collection counting was complete, and there was only 1150 shillings (60 cents) in the middle ‘construction’ basket. Although the other two ‘general’ collection baskets had more, the lady counting the ‘construction’ basket was extremely disappointed. She took it upon … Continue reading

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Glimpse at a Worldview

Here’s a fascinating and somewhat chilling article about “demon attack” on school students. Many believe the demons are “spirits of those who were brutally murdered during the brutal two decades of war”. Whatever you might believe about this personally, … Continue reading

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Top of the pops Gulu – entertainment guaranteed

“Jesu Lara” –  Jesus save me Well, not quite number one perhaps, but the song is everywhere, on the radio, blaring through the ear-drum destroying market speakers, on people’s lips as you greet them. Much like music … Continue reading

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First Church

Our neighbour was adamant that the local Anglican service started within 15 minutes of the start time (10:00am). His estimation never got a fair test. Rain bucketed down until about 10:00am and there was no way people were walking to … Continue reading

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