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Dilemma resolved

Mew. Mew. Mew mew mew. Meeeeeeeeew. Concentrating on my Acholi language lesson is becoming increasingly difficult. How long can I ignore the pleas of these tiny, doddling, clumsy-footed things? Where did they come from? When will their mother return? WILL … Continue reading

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David Attenborough take a back seat Well not really, but here’s a nature clip of the famous ‘white ants’, complete with extremely poor (if mildly amusing) commentary. People go a bit nuts for this local delicacy when a swarm comes. Children are everywhere with lamps … Continue reading

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Waimakariri river in flood?

The mighty Waimakariri river in flood Jokes its the Nile. Similar enough to bring some homesickness on the journey North though.

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Rogue Roaches

Our landlord came home today with a big pump, which I thought was for his motorbike tyres. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Within a few minutes he was pumping a foul smelling liquid down the latrine. 20 seconds later … Continue reading

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