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Museveni pair of buttocks?

Stella Nyanzi, a women’s rights activist has been arrested and taken to court for calling the president a “pair of buttocks”. The guardian has written a great article on it. Never be fooled that Uganda is anything more than an … Continue reading

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No money, no goats.

Wakonye Kenwa Part 2 After one of the first meetings of our farmers co-op, several members asked me accusingly, where was the bottled water? Our group Wakonye Kenwa asked the local football club, what community problems do you care about, … Continue reading

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Give me Money

We’re now largely spared random requests as people get to know us, but the children persist. “Mornu, Mornu!, give me sweet, give me money”.  Amusingly some of the lovely little ones even do it in Acoli, our local language “Mia … Continue reading

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Girlfriend more difficult than Ebola?

I’m now nearly finished the Tanzanian section of this amazing medical course. One of the highlights is the Ugandan doctors on the course, one of them even speaks Acholi! The banter is always pure quality. Me: “What do you mean … Continue reading

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Sometimes things are the same

In (broken) Acholi after initial greetings Me: I’m going to Kampala for a work Visa, why are you travelling to Kampala? Lady: I’m going to buy ‘Waa’ Me: Sorry I don’t understand, your going to buy what? (thinking I’ve heard wrong) … Continue reading

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Nick Laing = Jean Claude Van Damme?

I was the last man standing in the torrential rain on the main street, but the rain decided to go to the next level and forced me into one of many tiny roadside shops, which manage to sell everything you … Continue reading

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Disturbing insight

We’ve loved learning about the way things work around here, and much of it has been really positive. Today though we were studying household chores with our wonderful language helper, when we received a disturbing insight. I hope this isn’t … Continue reading

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British corruption and Golden Wood

The 6 hour bus trip to Gulu was absorbed by discussion with a fantastic British-Ugandan man. This was great as the time flew by nearly as fast as the semi-suicidal-runaway-train-bus. 120km an hour is not ideal when approaching a pothole. … Continue reading

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