Bathroom Friends

Anyone who knows me at all, knows I’m not a fan of being alone. Thankfully, even in the bathroom many friendly creatures now join me in the welcoming damp environment. Its my pleasure to introduce some of my bathroom friends. Frogs are the most common feature, and often need rescuing as they can’t jump nearly as high as you’d expect. We sing, pray and wash together, as well as everything else one does in the bathroom…


Image     Image

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3 Responses to Bathroom Friends

  1. aktgrace says:

    Loving all the blogs Nick and Tessa! Gives a great picture of what life is like for you. Can’t wait to see you soon. Blessings

  2. Ray Hollis says:

    Hi. The frogs look big enough, but what about the alligator near the back wall.

  3. Jean Hollis says:

    More natural and environmentally friendly, than the yellow plastic duck that sits in our bathroom!
    Enjoy reading your blogs. Blessings and love, Jean

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