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The Domestic Edition – part 1

Just in case any of you thought we might be starving in Africa: This is our pantry, currently well stocked. Two types of beans, millet flour for porridge, maize flour for making runny porridge or ‘posho’ (like dense mashed potato), … Continue reading

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Rogue Roaches

Our landlord came home today with a big pump, which I thought was for his motorbike tyres. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Within a few minutes he was pumping a foul smelling liquid down the latrine. 20 seconds later … Continue reading

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Ugandan Suburbia

Suburbia Ugandan style After 7 days in Kampala and 6 at the Bishop’s house in the north, we’ve moved into our a wee 2 room ‘Ot bati’ (any house which isn’t a hut). The location couldn’t be better, only a … Continue reading

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