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No-one Knows

With limited resources and sick patients, figuring out what’s going on can be nearly impossible sometimes. This time even the ultrasound thew the question straight back at us!    

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Give me Money

We’re now largely spared random requests as people get to know us, but the children persist. “Mornu, Mornu!, give me sweet, give me money”.  Amusingly some of the lovely little ones even do it in Acoli, our local language “Mia … Continue reading

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I was a bit stuck for what to do in language class today, until the obvious dawned on me. Why not describe (in Acoli of course) what happens at Christmas in New Zealand, and compare it to what happens in … Continue reading

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Girlfriend more difficult than Ebola?

I’m now nearly finished the Tanzanian section of this amazing medical course. One of the highlights is the Ugandan doctors on the course, one of them even speaks Acholi! The banter is always pure quality. Me: “What do you mean … Continue reading

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Dilemma resolved

Mew. Mew. Mew mew mew. Meeeeeeeeew. Concentrating on my Acholi language lesson is becoming increasingly difficult. How long can I ignore the pleas of these tiny, doddling, clumsy-footed things? Where did they come from? When will their mother return? WILL … Continue reading

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Sometimes things are the same

In (broken) Acholi after initial greetings Me: I’m going to Kampala for a work Visa, why are you travelling to Kampala? Lady: I’m going to buy ‘Waa’ Me: Sorry I don’t understand, your going to buy what? (thinking I’ve heard wrong) … Continue reading

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Bathroom Friends

Anyone who knows me at all, knows I’m not a fan of being alone. Thankfully, even in the bathroom many friendly creatures now join me in the welcoming damp environment. Its my pleasure to introduce some of my bathroom friends. … Continue reading

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Nick Laing = Jean Claude Van Damme?

I was the last man standing in the torrential rain on the main street, but the rain decided to go to the next level and forced me into one of many tiny roadside shops, which manage to sell everything you … Continue reading

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Waimakariri river in flood?

The mighty Waimakariri river in flood Jokes its the Nile. Similar enough to bring some homesickness on the journey North though.

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Top of the pops Gulu – entertainment guaranteed

“Jesu Lara” –  Jesus save me Well, not quite number one perhaps, but the song is everywhere, on the radio, blaring through the ear-drum destroying market speakers, on people’s lips as you greet them. Much like music … Continue reading

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