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Nick Laing = Jean Claude Van Damme?

I was the last man standing in the torrential rain on the main street, but the rain decided to go to the next level and forced me into one of many tiny roadside shops, which manage to sell everything you … Continue reading

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Waimakariri river in flood?

The mighty Waimakariri river in flood Jokes its the Nile. Similar enough to bring some homesickness on the journey North though.

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Top of the pops Gulu – entertainment guaranteed

“Jesu Lara” –  Jesus save me Well, not quite number one perhaps, but the song is everywhere, on the radio, blaring through the ear-drum destroying market speakers, on people’s lips as you greet them. Much like music … Continue reading

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‘Rabbit’ doesn’t mean ‘Thank you’

  We discovered that the meaning of the acholi word for thank you, “afoyo”, changes if there a subtle upward inflection on the ‘oyo’. I don’t think its too important though as the meaning changes only slightly to ‘rabbit’… I’ll … Continue reading

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Rogue Roaches

Our landlord came home today with a big pump, which I thought was for his motorbike tyres. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Within a few minutes he was pumping a foul smelling liquid down the latrine. 20 seconds later … Continue reading

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Copyright issues – Dora?

I hope their kindergarten registration is not delayed by the inevitable lawsuit over copyright infringement from the makers of Dora the Explorer.

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Boarding flight to Kampala when my fatigued mental radar goes ding, ding, ding. Group of 8-10 twenty somethings – check Culturally appropriate vaguely ethnic ankle length skirts – check Brand new adventurous looking backpacks – check American accents – check … Continue reading

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