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‘Rabbit’ doesn’t mean ‘Thank you’

  We discovered that the meaning of the acholi word for thank you, “afoyo”, changes if there a subtle upward inflection on the ‘oyo’. I don’t think its too important though as the meaning changes only slightly to ‘rabbit’… I’ll … Continue reading

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Rogue Roaches

Our landlord came home today with a big pump, which I thought was for his motorbike tyres. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Within a few minutes he was pumping a foul smelling liquid down the latrine. 20 seconds later … Continue reading

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Copyright issues – Dora?

I hope their kindergarten registration is not delayed by the inevitable lawsuit over copyright infringement from the makers of Dora the Explorer.

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Boarding flight to Kampala when my fatigued mental radar goes ding, ding, ding. Group of 8-10 twenty somethings – check Culturally appropriate vaguely ethnic ankle length skirts – check Brand new adventurous looking backpacks – check American accents – check … Continue reading

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