Nick Laing = Jean Claude Van Damme?

I was the last man standing in the torrential rain on the main street, but the rain decided to go to the next level and forced me into one of many tiny roadside shops, which manage to sell everything you could possibly need to survive on a 4 meter squared wall. There I was given an unlikely Job offer. This dialogue proceeded in a English / Acholi mix which was almost as strange as the conversation content .

Local guy: “Hey, you look like Van Damme!”

Me: “I look like who?”

Local guy: “Jean Claude Van Damme, from the movies.”

Mr:  “Really? he’s ‘baidong well’ (muscly), and ‘kome tek’ (strong). I’m ‘kome goada’ (puny)”

Local Guy: “No, you look just like him. Come act in our movie! Can you do kung fu?”


Awesome. On second thoughts that could be me…

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4 Responses to Nick Laing = Jean Claude Van Damme?

  1. Mum and Dad says:

    haha! of course, can’t believe I hadn’t noticed the resemblance myself. Love, Mum.PS You didn’t say whether you accepted the job offer?

  2. Ray says:

    I didn’t realise you had a tattoo! Having a thermos is a good idea if you want to keep hot water during the powerless times. Enjoying your blog. Love Ray

    • ntlaing says:

      Thanks Ray!
      We definitely have a thermos they are amazing. That’s one Item nearly every family here seems to have. In fact I can’t believe we didn’t have one in New Zealand. The issue is more cold water than hot though, water takes hours to cool and we need to be organised :).

  3. jpw690 says:

    You should have showed him your great fighting technique 🙂

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