Top of the pops Gulu – entertainment guaranteed

“Jesu Lara” –  Jesus save me

Well, not quite number one perhaps, but the song is everywhere, on the radio, blaring through the ear-drum destroying market speakers, on people’s lips as you greet them. Much like music the world over, many songs here are pseudo-romantic drivel and self promotion (Perhaps 90%+ of western pop songs fall in this category). I’m encouraged though that wholesome Christian songs like this one also hit the ‘big time’ (as much as that is possible in Acholiland). I mean it must be big because there’s even a youtube video. The outfits and dancing are pretty great. Beware, it may get stuck in your head even if you only check it out for a minute…

Note the first ¼ of the song is in basic English with the remainder in Acholi. Although quite a big hit for a population as big as New Zealand, it has only 8000 views on youtube – an indication of the lack of internet access for all but a few here.

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3 Responses to Top of the pops Gulu – entertainment guaranteed

  1. Emily J. says:

    this is pretty much amazing, i love it. dance moves are off the chain!

  2. Awesome! Should get the IT guys to show this at St Tims.

    Keep up the great posts – I’m really enjoying them!

    – Rosie

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