Girlfriend more difficult than Ebola?

I’m now nearly finished the Tanzanian section of this amazing medical course. One of the highlights is the Ugandan doctors on the course, one of them even speaks Acholi! The banter is always pure quality.

Me: “What do you mean it was difficult having a girlfriend”
Ugandan Doctor: “Ah, she refused to go on a boda (motorcycle), and demanded 20,000 shillings every week to do something with her hair… You know these ones, they are difficult to maintain. It is easier to manage an outbreak of Ebola than have a girlfriend.” (And yes he’s managed Ebola, so he’d know :D)

Me: “How would you solve the sanitation problems on this island?”
Ugandan Doctor “There is only one way, it needs a dictator like every functioning African country. All they need to do is to make me dictator and within one week there will no longer be human faeces on the beach.”


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4 Responses to Girlfriend more difficult than Ebola?

  1. Ross Elliott says:

    You are fast learning the ways of Ugandan men Nick! Nearly all men who are financially able seem to have a ‘woman on the side’ or girlfriend. Even when they are married!
    When do you finish in Tanzania? Will you be moving to Kampala soon? I have written to the Tumwesygies with an exciting proposal for them to be involved in our Parish during the celebrations ‘Celebrating 2014’. I am still awaiting a reply but told them to pray about it first.
    Good to hear that the course is proving useful. Warm greetings.
    Ross & Pauline.

  2. Hey guys,

    This had my in hysterics for quite a while – well in my mind at least, weren’t enough people around to socially facilitate actual laughter.

    I was going to ask questions and give comments here and the like, but will instead put them in an email which I will now begin to compose.

    Much love to you both,

  3. wayne says:

    Hey Nick and Tessa,
    Just wanted to wish Nick a happy birthday and say that the benevolent dictatorship is a form of leadership that I think is unjustly maligned (I have my wife’s permission to write this).

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