Disturbing insight

We’ve loved learning about the way things work around here, and much of it has been really positive. Today though we were studying household chores with our wonderful language helper, when we received a disturbing insight. I hope this isn’t too generalisable, and to stick up for the men a little bit, I’ve definitely met some that don’t follow this trend.

Language helper: “You know in Acholiland these jobs are always done by women”
Me: “Always?”
Helper: “Yes”
Me: “What if the woman works full time, does she still do all the work at home?”
Helper: “Yes”
Me: “What does her husband do?”
Helper: “Nothing, he sits, (pause) and maybe drinks alcohol”

Oh dear.

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2 Responses to Disturbing insight

  1. Jim says:

    hahahaha thank you nick 🙂

  2. GBH says:

    Discussing possible location change with Julie as we speak…

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