The Domestic Edition – part 1

Just in case any of you thought we might be starving in Africa:


This is our pantry, currently well stocked. Two types of beans, millet flour for porridge, maize flour for making runny porridge or ‘posho’ (like dense mashed potato), mangos, avocado, potatoes, tomato, rice, onions, popping corn (my addiction continues), rice, honey (complete with comb and the odd bee) and eggs. It’s not really possible for the chickens to get more free range. In fact, they get in my way while I’m trying to wash the dishes, pooping all over my basins. Thanks to our neighbors, tasty greens grow abundantly right outside our doorstep. Thus endeth my first blog post. Love, Tessa.

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4 Responses to The Domestic Edition – part 1

  1. Myriam Bejjani says:

    Love, Myriam

  2. Opa says:

    Dear Nick and Tessa, thank you for your interesting letter and am pleased that you and Tessa are happy in your new country love Opa

  3. Holly says:

    Oh man, looks like a tasty pantry Tessa! So cool to hear about what your everyday life is like. Your recent post on what you do and do not use/have in your place is really interesting, good to know intermittent electricity is more important than running water! Have you decided to do all your own cooking? Looking forward to Domestic Edition part 2 and more photos of your place and village!

    • ntlaing says:

      Holly! Miss you.. currently we are doing everything ourselves, which works really well for learning language (and actually learning everything about how people around us live). Everyone else does all their domestic work outside too, which is great for listening and chatting. When we move into the hospital for Nicks work, we may well get meals along with other hospital staff…we will see!

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