‘Rabbit’ doesn’t mean ‘Thank you’

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We discovered that the meaning of the acholi word for thank you, “afoyo”, changes if there a subtle upward inflection on the ‘oyo’. I don’t think its too important though as the meaning changes only slightly to rabbit… I’ll translate the start of yesterday morning’s conversation.

Local: “How are you?”
Me:      “Good rabbit!”

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6 Responses to ‘Rabbit’ doesn’t mean ‘Thank you’

  1. wayne says:

    Hi you two. Look forward to keeping up with your adventures on the blog.

  2. Rachael W says:

    Just a minor language problem then….
    Been enjoying reading these Nick!

  3. Wellner says:

    Rabbit you for keeping us posted on tidbits form your journeys! Rabbits very much!

    • ntlaing says:

      Rabbit heaps Wellner! On this note there are also two fluffy white thank yous prancing around freely near our house. Unfortunately though (especially from Tessa’s point of view) they are for breeding and eventually eating. Still, they are gorgeous thank yous all the same and we did not expect to have them around in Uganda :).

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