A bit of inspiration.

A middle aged woman visitor who I’d never seen before stood up last week in church to present a very exuberant announcement indeed.

“Right – we need to give some more money for the church. I’ll start with this 20,000 shillings and we’ll see how much we can add!”

She then led two songs in a booming, loud voice while the collection basket was handed around. This style of fundraising may seem a bit strange, but everyone loved it and it’s pretty normal here. Although this was great, but I wouldn’t have thought much more of it until I unexpectedly saw her the next day – in the hospital, with a shaved head, getting chemotherapy for cancer.

What a time to enthusiastically encourage the church, on the eve of having some of the harshest chemicals concocted by man, poured into you to treat one of the harshest conditions known to man. Sure enough she managed a smile straight after the treatment. Wow.



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