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Coronavirus News is Dangerously Skewed

This was the front page of Al-Jazeera yesterday, a Qatari news agency. I’d hoped Al-Jazeera would be the one major news network not biased towards Europe and the US. Instead there are four geographical areas mentioned on their front page. … Continue reading

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Uganda’s lockdown may kill more people than it saves.

Uganda’s lockdown is killing people. That’s not a guess, or an opinion – It’s a fact. Every lockdown kills some people, whether in England, America or Uganda. People die through lack of access to medical services, through increased poverty. Through … Continue reading

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A Sub-Saharan African Miracle?

Is it too much to hope for? Can the poorest region of the globe escape the worst? What’s happening right now in Sub-Saharan Africa is nothing short of astounding. We have porous borders, poor healthcare systems and people packed together … Continue reading

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Four Reasons to Hope

Yes things seem dire, but there are actually a lot of reasons to hope that we’re going to get through this. Humanity has come a long way over the millennia, and we’ve never been in a better position to fight … Continue reading

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Uganda closes schools – before Case no.1!

Ugandan President Museveni has just announced sweeping restrictions on social contact. This might seem normal to many of you around the world except… Uganda hasn’t had one confirmed case yet! For 1 month (and almost certainly longer) – All schools … Continue reading

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Fake news goes viral – in the time of Coronavirus

First switch on your brain, then read carefully, then decide what’s right, what’s wrong, and what needs checking. If there was ever a time for fake news to go viral, it’s now. You can publish anything with “coronavirus” in the … Continue reading

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Why Coronavirus won’t devastate Uganda

This may seem like a bold statement with the probable pandemic peeking over the horizon but even based only on reason 1  (spoiler alert), I’m happy to make it. Uganda has multiple factors in its favour when it comes to … Continue reading

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Ignore the fake News – Let your kids be vegetarian!

Sloppy reporter Esther Taunton should be reprimanded by Stuff for quoting the quack dietician “Sylvia North”, and said dietician Sylvia North at least re-educated for spouting this distasteful misinformation (let the food puns begin). It boggles ones mind that in … Continue reading

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Well done USAID! Allowances goooooone.

This seemingly small announcement in a minor Ugandan newspaper, might herald one of the most significant changes in the future of foreign aid in Uganda, “The US government will also never support facilitation, participation, or sitting fees for any event,” … Continue reading

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Still powerless! a local perspective.

By Akwero Fiona! Umeme Gulu. So frustrating!!! 3/7 days power presence, thanks for trying but I expected more from you guys than this Because of the fani power issues, know that 1. People have failed to perform along their duty … Continue reading

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