“Never Lose Hope” Stories from the Women’s Prison

This isn’t a call to give money, it’s a call to read the stories of some incredible women.

Phoebe (Tessa’s sister) has worked in the women’s prison for the last 6 months, teaching women to read, and more recently teaching them to teach each other to read. Her work with Pastor Florence and the women inside to start a literacy program is incredible. But this isn’t about that. It’s about something even more exciting.

Phoebe leaves for Malawi in a month, and she wanted to make sure that the prisoners have the resources to continue the classwork. Basic stuff like phonics books, blackboards and chalk. To raise the money, the team decided to put together a book of short stories and poems about their lives. As they share their incredible stories, more fortunate people would share their money to ensure the future of the literacy class. Fair trade I reckon.

The stories were more compelling then I expected. I’ve been in Uganda for 5 years, and I’ve gained new perspectives on the place, and now have even more questions about this fascinating culture.

“Love is delicious like an egg. But it breaks when not handled well”
Kevina Rachael Auma

“The ninth survival occurred when a man was paid either to shoot me and kill me or infect me with HIV…”
Akidi Edith Betty

“The love I developed for them earned me the title, Florence, mother of prisoners. I am not ashamed to be identified with them. It is a command from the Lord himself – remember to visit the prisoners.
Aryema Florence Lagum

To be clear, the fundraising was so successful that they don’t need more money, but they do need you to read their work. It’s not easy to be heard from inside a prison.

I’m passing on a request from the women themselves to give a bit of your time and read. To hear their stories which may seem like they are from a different universe. You will receive more than your time was worth, of that I’m sure.

Please message me through the blog, or Phoebe (without the dashes) at p-h-o-e-
and we’ll send you a digital copy of “Never Lose Hope”. It will be more than worth it!

(Because stories are sensitive, we’re not putting the book up for public download.)


Phoebe, Florence and the guards (photos aren’t allowed inside the prison)

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8 Responses to “Never Lose Hope” Stories from the Women’s Prison

  1. Wendy Nichols says:

    Hi Nick! I’d love to read the works you are talking about ☺ so wonderful to watch the great work you do from a far. Looking forward to receiving the stories and ooems. Love to you and Tess xx

  2. Rose Francis says:

    Hi Nick, You, Tessa & Phoebe are doing such a great job. We’re so proud of your patience and perseverance; and enthusiasm even in the face of discouragement and frustration. I’d love to read the stories from Gulu prison, and will share them with our CMS prayer partners. May God continue to bless you as you move on to new challenges and studies. love & prayers, Rose

  3. arowhenua says:

    Hi Tessa/Nick I would appreciate receiving and reading a copy of “Never Lose Hope.” Please thank the women for their willingness to share their stories. Let me know if you cannot access my email. All the Best.

  4. Ted & Mary Colwell says:

    Nick, I would like to read the blog. What an amazing ministry. Ted

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