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Saving a life, or two

Our wonderful midwife Gloria ‘in the bush’ at Oberabic Health Center had a hard night recently. She’s the only midwife there, so has to do most the work that involves mothers and babies, and make all the calls under really … Continue reading

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St. Philip Opening

As part of our Bishop’s 7 years on the job celebration, we officially opened the monstrous 25 room St. Philip mini-hospital. Some people, schools and churches reading this gave money to this cause so a huge thank you and here’s … Continue reading

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The Invasion – ‘Kwidi’ are coming (Video!)

There’s a strange sound that comes from the big tree just outside our house (you’ll hear it during the video). Its a bit like water continuously dripping on the ground. I had no idea what made the noise until I … Continue reading

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David Attenborough take a back seat Well not really, but here’s a nature clip of the famous ‘white ants’, complete with extremely poor (if mildly amusing) commentary. People go a bit nuts for this local delicacy when a swarm comes. Children are everywhere with lamps … Continue reading

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