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6 Million Dollar Red Cross Heist

Have you given to the Red Cross recently? Your money was stolen. Nearly 6 million US dollars of it. Stolen by rich, well connected thieves – hundreds of Red Cross staff. How do you feel about that? First, I deeply … Continue reading

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This is why we need elections

When the police tip off the target before arriving and the Mayor blocks municipal officers from doing their job, how do you get a law enforced? I haven’t documented all our failed experiments trying to get Gulu’s sachet alcohol ban … Continue reading

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Birth in the Bush

Locals say Oberabic Health Center is ‘in the bush’. Although there’s plenty of forest around, that’s not what ‘in the bush’ means. It means a long way away. A long way from healthcare. A long way from electricity. A long … Continue reading

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Mayor saga: the come back

(Above: Sheik Musa Khalil on the left has been fighting alongside us since the beginning) “He has arrived; he is in office.” Excellent. Against all odds, we have everybody in the same space. Media present? Tick. Religious leaders? Tick. Mayor … Continue reading

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Sabotage by Mayor (the sachet saga continues)

The operation hadn’t exactly been going well anyway. “These officers….” Anthony, my fellow ‘observer’ of the operation raised an eyebrow and sighed as we watched 20 police and 15 municipal enforcement officers wander, aimlessly and timidly along the busy wholesale … Continue reading

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3 Good, 3 Bad? – Labour Lollies

I can’t believe I’m doing a political blog post! Apologies to non New Zealanders who don’t care about the political tides in a few tiny meaningless islands somewhere near the bottom of the world. Here are 3 policies I like, … Continue reading

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Flood Destroys Elegu – A Health Center that wasn’t to be

Phase 1 – Great hope In March, we rode a trusty-rusty pickup with enthusiastic nurse Walter to the frontier town of Elegu on the South Sudanese border. High population, no health center, traders with a bit of money. What location … Continue reading

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