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Staying alone, together

Nick leaving for his tropical medicine course was a major bonding point with my neighbours. My wonderful neighbours are female, and they all have little babies. Allegedly, there are husbands. I’ve made a couple of sightings of these rare specimens, … Continue reading

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David Attenborough take a back seat Well not really, but here’s a nature clip of the famous ‘white ants’, complete with extremely poor (if mildly amusing) commentary. People go a bit nuts for this local delicacy when a swarm comes. Children are everywhere with lamps … Continue reading

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Glimpse at a Worldview

Here’s a fascinating and somewhat chilling article about “demon attack” on school students. Many believe the demons are “spirits of those who were brutally murdered during the brutal two decades of war”. Whatever you might believe about this personally, … Continue reading

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Our favorite word is…

Goyo! We have discovered a language goldmine. In Acholi…. You ‘goyo’ (iron) your clothes You ‘goyo’ (pump) water at the borehole You ‘goyo’ (play) pool…or a stringed musical instrument (but not cards or football) You ‘goyo’ (hit) the dog You ‘goyo’ … Continue reading

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Top of the pops Gulu – entertainment guaranteed

“Jesu Lara” –  Jesus save me Well, not quite number one perhaps, but the song is everywhere, on the radio, blaring through the ear-drum destroying market speakers, on people’s lips as you greet them. Much like music … Continue reading

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The Domestic Edition – part 1

Just in case any of you thought we might be starving in Africa: This is our pantry, currently well stocked. Two types of beans, millet flour for porridge, maize flour for making runny porridge or ‘posho’ (like dense mashed potato), … Continue reading

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Disturbing insight

We’ve loved learning about the way things work around here, and much of it has been really positive. Today though we were studying household chores with our wonderful language helper, when we received a disturbing insight. I hope this isn’t … Continue reading

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