Gulu Prison: Update and a Plan

Phoebe (Tessa’s sister) has expanded her work in the women’s prison and she’s shared some more amazing stories. The women also need a consistent supply of books and pens so the work continues, so we’ll be raising money for that soon. They will share their stories. You’ll share your money. Stay tuned!

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Book Exchange

*This follows on from my previous post about the library – read that first 😊

We raided the library a second time. Books sat in piles on a table while we taught outside in the sun, waiting for the post-class book exchange opportunity. At some point Florence (prison pastor extraordinaire) nudged me and pointed, giggling. The guards do a lot of sitting around, and a lot of trying to knock mangos from trees with the butts of their guns. But today they had picked up books and were reading!

I later discovered one of these was Miriam, a gem among prison guards. She sees the value of books for female prisoners. She volunteered to house the books in her office and has requested shelves built. Best of all, she changes books for women on request between our visits, even carrying large stacks between locations so they can choose…

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2 Responses to Gulu Prison: Update and a Plan

  1. says:

    Hi Nick and Tessa

    Please can you ask, Phoebe, if it is ok for me to forward this to some of the people in our Church.

    Wish I had more time to write a longer letter, but tax day is looming and one of the things I lost when my PC was stolen was the 2017 information for the tax return for our rental property. Have a physical copy but it will still take time to update the template.

    Lots happening over here for Anglican Churches with the fallout from motion 29. Ray and I can see a challenging time ahead for us in terms of our involvement with the Parish and feel like we are marking time to see how far the Parish swings.



    • ntlaing says:

      Hey Jean of course you can share everything on here is 100% public :). Sorry to hear the church situation is tricky. Praying for all you guys.

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