Dad and Uganda in The Press

Recently my parents had their second magical visit to Uganda. Mum taught kids full time, bringing amazing resources and reinvigorating our class. Dad got to know the locals, and wrote this unorthodox, yet insightful article which got published!

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5 Responses to Dad and Uganda in The Press

  1. Jean says:

    Nick, please thank your Dad for taking the time to write such an insightful, well written article. Both Ray and I read it with interest. It was a special delight for Ray, as it brought back memories of his time in Uganda.
    Your Mum is a treasure for the gift she is giving to the children.
    Love to you and Tessa

  2. ntlaing says:

    I will pass it on directly he’s a star! He definitely writes so you can feel it. Not your regular travel story! And yeah mum is a huge treasure with the Children, in sponsoring as well as teaching and equipping when she’s here. Love to you guys as well for Christmas. We always think of New Zealand a lot around this time.

  3. Pauline Elliott says:

    What memories your Dad’s excellent article evoked. So good to see things through the eyes of new comers. Its so easy to forget. God bless your Christmas ( said with great envy and nostalgia!).

  4. Pauline Elliott says:

    You’re welcome to that! Heat tolerance seems to diminish with age!

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