3 Good, 3 Bad? – Labour Lollies

I can’t believe I’m doing a political blog post! Apologies to non New Zealanders who don’t care about the political tides in a few tiny meaningless islands somewhere near the bottom of the world.

Here are 3 policies I like, and 3 I don’t from the Labour Party. Don’t get me wrong, I love the increased support Labour are getting and I think Jacinda is great, but the policies? Mixed feelings. I also don’t think either the good or the bad ones are very significant.. Tinkering around the edges, nothing more. What do you think?


  • $25 Tourist tax. Awesome. Should be even higher, should have been done long ago. Levy tourists, who by definition are Rich from a Global perspective. Done, Next. Most other touristy countries do it – here in Uganda its $65 dollars!
  • Irrigation and bottled water tax. Using our water has an enormous environmental cost, and whoever is using it should start to actually pay some of that tax. My only problem with this policy is the tax should be even higher than they’ve stated!
  • 8 billion extra spent on healthcare. Great. Healthcare needs more and more money, it’s the nature of the beast. Throw the money at it. I don’t mind if you don’t specify where it goes, the health policy bean counters can sort that out

Don’t Like

  • Free Tertiary education for 3 years. Lolly throwing policy. Favours the rich, as a disproportionate number of rich people go to university rather than other forms of tertiary education. If you are a blue collar worker who doesn’t study, no benefit for you. Obviously baby boomers and young people love this $^#&, but that doesn’t make it the best use of money.
  • Lower GP fees for all. I actually like Nationals policy better here. Fees should be free or super cheap for poor people. Others can afford 35-50 bucks. Under 2 hours work for a GP visit? That’s 100 years away here in Uganda. 10 bucks cheaper for everyone smacks of meaningless populism rather than sensible policy. “They have literally copied National’s announcement from last week targeting low income New Zealanders, and tacked on a $10 universal subsidy over the top,” – As much as I dislike Steven Joyce, hard to Argue with.
  • No Capital gains tax or raising taxes on the mega rich. I wonder how Labour will afford all their lollies, without raising taxes. It doesn’t make sense. I know they are swinging a bit to the center to get votes and its working, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it!




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4 Responses to 3 Good, 3 Bad? – Labour Lollies

  1. Kaye says:

    Good to see that you’re still able to follow what’s happening here and have your voice heard x

  2. Rebecca Tucker says:

    Just a note: the free tertiary fees includes polytech, apprenticeships etc 🙂
    Also, they will do capital gains tax at some stage? I agree- it’s exciting that there is also a race this time!

    • ntlaing says:

      Thanks Rebecca. I think its fantastic that things are so close for the first time in 12 years! Good point about the fees including all study. I’d love to fund lower study rather than university. Other study is much cheaper to fund than university degree though, and people with a bachelor degree earn on average 40% more than median income which should make paying back the loan not too difficult. https://www.careers.govt.nz/jobs-database/whats-happening-in-the-job-market/who-earns-what/

      Yeah Labour have said they have said they may do a capital gains tax on non-family homes but they haven’t committed anything.

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