Going Big at St. Philip

Today was EPIC at St. Philip Health Center. Our Visionary In-Charge Moses typified his Go Big attitude by advertising on the radio and churches on the same day…

  1. Free HIV testing  (tested 90 people for HIV)
  2. Free drop-in Cervical Cancer screening (screened 40 women)
  3. The opening of our Inpatient service

And all that in addition to seeing 70 patients as part of regular outpatients. Crazy town.

You heard it right, we’ve opened our Inpatient, 24 hour service. St. Philip is now a mini hospital – sort of. Complete with beds, night staff and everything. We had our first 4 admissions today, 3 with severe malaria and one with bad epilepsy 4 seizures in one day. Great work moses and the team!




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4 Responses to Going Big at St. Philip

  1. Kaye says:

    Well done Moses!!

    • ntlaing says:

      🙂 Well done Moses indeed. He stayed on until 7:00pm off his own back too to make sure there was a good handover to the first night shift. Amazing…

  2. arowhenua says:

    Great work, I am sure your services will mean so much to the local population.

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