New Clinic Excitement

Our Health Centers have been rolling so well recently, that we’re looking to extend into villages that have never had a clinic there before. ‘Small and Sustainable’ We aim for them to become self sustaining within 6 months. If the patients are enough, the Health Center will continue. If not, then we’ll close it, move the equipment and drugs to another health center and move on. Nothing will be wasted. The great thing is that even if the health center fails to meet the sustainable standard and ‘fail’, we’ll still have treated close to 1000 people for common, dangerous conditions like malaria and pneumonia in a more efficient way than most NGOs could manage.

If you are keen to give money towards this new project, then you can give here

Its hard for me to take a risk like this – risk taking isn’t really in my nature, but we really want health centers which can be fully sustained by the community and don’t require ongoing support.

We’ve already hired a nurse, and got all the equipment sorted for one clinic which is really exciting. We’ll let you know how they go, whether they work out well or not.

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2 Responses to New Clinic Excitement

  1. Awesome!!

    I bumped into Ishori this morning at Riccarton mall and she just straightaway just started chatting about all of your videos haha it was great.

    See you soon! x

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