St. Philip Opening

As part of our Bishop’s 7 years on the job celebration, we officially opened the monstrous 25 room St. Philip mini-hospital. Some people, schools and churches reading this gave money to this cause so a huge thank you and here’s the result. Important people were everywhere. The Minister of Primary Healthcare was supposed to open it, but in her absence the minister of foreign affairs did the honours instead. He even made a comment about the Christchurch earthquake! Tessa videod my mini-speech. I was supposed to get 2 minutes but I was cut to 30 seconds due to time constraints 😀
The obligatory brass band enters while the staff wait in front

People in many coloured outfits craned their necks to see the plaque being unveiled

Bishops, Bishops everywhere

We couldn’t have hoped for better, and the staff had a great, (albeit exhausting) time as well. Australian Nurse Tash (on the right) put in a huge effort in the 2 weeks before to get the furniture and equipment set up to make the place operational just in time.





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12 Responses to St. Philip Opening

  1. Sharyn and Steuart says:

    Wow Congratulations! Well done👍 What a fun day! We know how hard you have worked to make this happen and we are really proud of you. 💛 Wish we could have been there to share the celebration. Fun times, (especially the brass band!) Love, Mum and Dad.

  2. Dorothy Laing Bhanabhai says:

    Love hearing about what is happening in your corner of the vineyard. Congratulations! Yeah the brass band is something to ..”write home about”, as are the bishops bishops everywhere..( and all the “Boards” did..?) God Bless

  3. Peter Wright says:

    Congratulations Nick! A fine looking celebration.

    • ntlaing says:

      Indeed, fine looking for sure ;). If there’s something we know how to do here in Gulu, its celebrations. Tess got up at 5:30 this morning to prepare for the big sachet ban launch celebration today. Will let you know how it goes soon!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    A very special occasion to be part of. Well done. Lots more people will be able to access medical care now.
    Where is this hospital in relation to the one you began working in Uganda in, Nicolas? A mission hospital? – does this mean staff have to be Christian or… will it be different from the other hospital?

  5. John Nzcms says:

    Fantastic stuff!!! (Also, you sound just slightly South African there to me. Funny.)

    • ntlaing says:

      Ha yeah you’re not the first to make that comment. I have to speak a bit different here to be understood. The kiwi accent just doesn’t cut it. You’ll end up doing the same I guarantee it. (That’s a prophecy which will come true :p). Usually its even more extreme then that to be honest.

  6. Anne Smith says:

    Wonderful achievement – caring for the human environment. We need to develop a bit of alcohol aversion here too. I’ve never got over living opposite a hotel, seeing the drunks leave, unable
    to walk straight,

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