Domestic Delights

Its just been over a year since we moved in, so we thought its high time to show off how things are growing…..

  1. Outside with our noble steeds. Note our glorious climbing vine tess outside
  2. I think we grew a mutant yam:Nick yam
  3. Flowers! (and Sir. Edmond)tess ed flowers
  4. A lush layer of peanut grassTess peanut gress
  5. Basil, rocket, Bok Choi and lettuce! Sir Edmond and Lucy’s cat Carlos are impressed. Kitties garden
  6. Edmond and Carlos have become best friends: kittycouch2
  7. Sir Ed. still enjoys his hammock. ednet2
  8. But he is a bit heavier now and sinks so low he is practically sleeping on us:ednet19. Whats Nick growing??Nick mystery10. Our bible study group comes to visit: visitors
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3 Responses to Domestic Delights

  1. Lesley Smith says:

    Great photos – love all the produce you’re able to grow… the place looks brilliant! Wow is it really over a year since you moved in! crazy!

    Lesley Smith
    Personnel Director

    78 Peterborough Street, PO Box 25098, Christchurch 8144, New Zealand
    Ph +64 3 377 2222 Ext 31, 0508 4NZCMS, 0508 469 267, Fax +64 3 377 1111

  2. Wendy Nichols says:

    You guys are inspirational! I’m in awe of what you have created and the life you are living. Proud to know you. . Love Wendy

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