Medicine or magic sweets?

People love medicines here, more than you’d expect. In 2003, the medical world debated whether free HIV medication would work. You literally have to take it every day, or else the HIV can become resistant to the drugs. We needn’t have worried. Most people here are great at taking medication – it seems to carry almost a mystical quality. People love injections the most, while working at Lacor I got asked multiple times “Can you just give me an injection doctor?”. Perhaps this drug shop in Lacor embodies how a lot of people feel about drugs here. Medicine or magic sweets?





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9 Responses to Medicine or magic sweets?

  1. Lubangakene says:

    Ugandan test in choice of medicine is like sweet. People make choices deepening on the route and what they think is fine for them and sometimes they reject Doctor’s resolution in managing their conditions. Why i said is like sweets is because a person will tell you openly, i need tablets, or Injection, or syrup etc without thinking of other ways other than that like buying sweet from shop. Indeed medicine in Uganda For Ugandan is a magic sweet people take like ordinary candy.

  2. Sharyn Laing says:

    Very interesting marketing. Love the Cadbury/Candy stripes on the awning. 🙂

  3. Bronwyn Matthews says:

    So there would be a good uptake of any immunisation programme you were able to offer?!

  4. … I wish my chemist looked like this!

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