Tash and our Clinics

After a month of working in St. Philip health center, Tash, a British nurse is training staff at all our clinics. What she’s doing is inspiring! (Below is from her facebook post and pics).

“Yesterday I visited this clinic. It’s a 1.5 hour drive down a bumpy, scorched dirt road to the middle of what feels like nowhere. My driver Anthony was telling me only 15 years ago this area was controlled by the LRA for training (he met his now wife, as she fled from this area to Gulu). And now I’m visiting the nurse run clinic and putting my little laminated flow charts on the walls. Definitely puts things in perspective. I’m excited to see how things progress in the future (probably with more laminated flow charts to be sure!)”.

Front view oberabic




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1 Response to Tash and our Clinics

  1. Rosemary Francis says:

    Lovely to have an update on your adventurous work and your walk of faith. Thank you for the photo of your wedding, it was a welcome surprise. Honey’s injured foot is healed now, and I’ve had plaster removed, using only splints on ankle & wrist, and physio at the hospital. May God bless you both in all your work, sowing seeds for the Kingdom. love & prayers, Rose

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