Home improvement, the Father-in-law edition

Tessa’s Dad Pete and his partner Ali are leaving tomorrow after a really great month with us. We thought they were just here to visit, but instead they put a huge effort into funking up our home (yes that’s a good thing :p). The place is now humming with new life and innovations, thanks to their handyman skills, hard work and ingenuity.

The crowning glory, an outdoor wood-fired oven built from local bricks and mud. Complete with rustic bellows! We’ve already cooked pizza in it three times, plus made some of the best bread and cookies that we’ve tasted yet in Uganda!


And they couldn’t resist collecting water off the oven roof, so now we’ve got convenient water outside our front door!


They fixed our couch, and Ali made gorgeous sofa covers and wee cushions from scratch. Which Sir Edmond enjoys.

DSC02403 Push cushoins

A measuring gauge for the water tank, and a protective cage made from an old bike basket. Last time we went away kids took off the tap and drained the tank!

Pete water level  DSC02362

Ali planted out both decorative and veg gardens – the rocket’s already coming

DSC02395   DSC02388

Nails for hangin’ tools in the shed


Faux Deer-antler toilet roll holder, carved from a mahogany branch (live action shot).


And Tessa’s early birthday present, a nifty device to protect food from flies and Edmond!


Thanks heaps guys, we’ll miss you!

Tess Handyman

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5 Responses to Home improvement, the Father-in-law edition

  1. So many wonderful additions guys! We didn’t get the shed or loo roll tour 😦 But certainly sampled some great pizza! We thought we could build one too, but on second thoughts – why do that when we can just visit you guys?

  2. Rosemary Francis says:

    Great to see Pete & Ali’s “Home Improvements” to your new home. Nick. I’m sure Pete thoroughly enjoyed putting his many skills to good use. Enjoy these well deserved bonuses, N
    ick & Tessa
    Roll holder’s brilliant!

  3. Lesley Smith says:

    This is just so wonderfully brilliant to see some of what they’ve been able to do to contribute to the quality of life… and then on top of that there’s all the conversations and sharing of life too

    Yep can imagine you’re going to miss them…


    Lesley Smith
    Personnel Director

    78 Peterborough Street, PO Box 25098, Christchurch 8144, New Zealand
    Ph +64 3 377 2222 Ext 31, Fax +64 3 377 1111
    skype: lesley.living.life

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