Hut indulgence – Part 2 the finished product

We are incredibly fortunate, if a little sheepish with even a spattering of guilt that we’ve had the chance to be a part of building our own home. It was never something we planned to do, and I doubt very much that we’ll get the chance to do it again. The big hut is finished, and we remain only with finishing touches (curtains, pictures on the wall, etc.). Its a round hut, so orientating yourself shouldn’t be too hard!
We’re offering one months free accommodation in our guest hut for anyone who can spot the blog’s namesake! You have to pay for flights of course 😛

We’re stoked our friends from near our old house are still keen to hang.

Chilling outside the hut

The view from the door left into our lounge. Use the center pole and the bedroom door in the corner to orientate yourself.


The view from the door straight ahead into the kitchen. We’ve broken all the local rules with a stand up chopping bench. Most people here can’t guess what it is for.


Looking back out the front door

Front door

250 watts of solar on a pole outside should be enough for lights and computers. Thanks so much Kaye for the lampshade, its had more comments than anything else in the hut.

   centerpole       Light on roof

Our bedroom (remember the entrance from earlier)

View into room

There’s our maize grinder, local harp (Adungu), and stone shelves.


Our wonderful home! Note the solar panel at the back


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18 Responses to Hut indulgence – Part 2 the finished product

  1. Peter Carrell says:

    A palace!

  2. Peter says:

    Magnificent! Can’t wait to see it – 115 days to go.

  3. Myriam says:

    Absolutely amazing!! Congrats you two! Xx

  4. Rosemary Francis says:

    Brilliant home, and well deserved! Panda top shelf in your bedroom. Pete & Ali can take my 1 month free pass to your panda Palace.

  5. Kaye Lindsay says:

    It looks beautiful Tessa and Nick and so well deserved x

  6. dltovey says:

    Truly minimalistic, but you have made it to look (feel!) warmly welcoming home. Wonderful indeed.

  7. Holly says:

    Oh wow you guys it looks like the loveliest home! Love the aesthetic. And maybe you will start a craze for stand up benches in your part of Uganda. If its possible to post some pics of your garden at some point please do!

    • ntlaing says:

      Hey Holly, Garden in progress will be planted when the rain comes. We’ve just nearly finished putting a raised bed in though which is confusing people nearly as much as the stand up bench. Its a big raised bed, but comments like “Why is your garden so small” are not uncommon 😀

  8. Holly says:

    And the ceiling/roof looks like an incredible work of art.

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