Snippets from today: pleasant and unpleasant surprises

“I’m still here, can we talk?” – A relieving message from Ira Perkins after I showed up for our Skype call an hour late at 7:00am my time. It’s Daylight savings Nick. A 10 hour time difference not 9!

“Ah, it is not there” said Douglas our builder – Our first experience of theft at the building site. One of the workers took some hinges, bolts and nails, luckily totaling only 10 New Zealand dollars

“We’re so happy you’re here this year” – Encouraging words from Dr. Hill, a retired GP who previously coordinated the Anglican health centers, my job for this year.

“Nobody thinks they are rich, no matter what level you are at you always want more” – Wisdom beyond her years from a 19 year old laboratory student at bible study. It was the Rich man and Lazarus.

“OK, I’ll come around” – We invited a man around for dinner who asked us to buy him a chapatti. He seemed happy enough, but never ended up coming over.

“Melissa anywal latini” (Melissa has had your baby) said our new neighbours’ kids. Tessa was delighted to bring me the news that the feline Melissa gave birth to three kittens. Tessa has already chosen the black and white one.

“Swum, Dug, Slept” – Me trying to teach past tense to a bright 12 year old. English is ridiculous, why do we change our words when something happened in the past? And there’s no solid rules! In Acoli they stay the same.

“Madagascar!” Said the kids with delight as they pointed to it on the map. They love Madagascar now after seeing the movies, and Phoebe teaching them where it is. The kids begged for one of Phoebe’s stories after class today, and we shared “Peter and Paul go to the moon” (Peter and Paul are kids from next door). Note Phoebe’sclever prominent Madagascar placement 😀

phoebe book

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2 Responses to Snippets from today: pleasant and unpleasant surprises

  1. Ray says:

    Hi. There is an excellent book to read if you can find a copy – The Man With The Key Is Not Here. It is written by the doctor who set up the Kampala International Hospital, and describes his realising why a hospital was needed, and the steps he had to take to make it the hospital it became. Your being told equipmet had vanished brought it to mind. He was after purchasing medication for his clinic, and was told “The man with the key is not here.” It was agreed to call the next day. After 3 days, he asked why the man with the key was not here, and was told it was because he was on 3 weeks leave in his home village. I don’t have a copy or i would send it over.
    Blessings to you both, Ray

    • ntlaing says:

      Hey Ray, luckily I read that book, before I came to Uganda last time! Interestingly that guy is still in Uganda, and is a local mayor in Kampala! Thanks for the message!

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