Today we killed a Werewolf


Hundreds came to see the dead ‘NGUR’

(Pictures not for the squeamish)

It all started a couple of weeks ago. Growls outside at night, dead goats, those ‘Congolese’ people moving into the neighborhood. This can only mean one thing. “NGUR”, a Werewolf!

Our neighbour was one of the first to spread the news. She was in her house at night when she heard terrible noises. When she looked out the window she saw it run away, a shadow like a dog but much, much bigger. She warned us “Don’t go outside, if you do it could eat you! Don’t worry though, werewolves never come inside so you’ll be safe”. Since then many people have claimed to hear or see the NGUR at night. Basically the belief is that bad people, usually from other countries (especially Congo of course), change into different types of dangerous animals (Lions, Hyenas, Wolves) to eat animals and any people that might be moving around at night.

The whole caboodle has many tragic aspects. Last week two children refused to come to the library with us because they were scared the Congolese man living there was a werewolf. We gave them a stern talking to and made them greet the lovely man. Also there’s always the chance some angry villagers will kill someone they don’t like, or some mysterious ‘different’ person who doesn’t speak their language from Congo or South Sudan.

Last week a group of people went out into the nearby farms with spears, hoes and the like to try and hunt it down, but didn’t find anything. Last night though, ‘success’! We woke to immediately hear news that they killed a werewolf! Hundreds of people flocked to the site to see the dead NGUR. The debates raged.

“That’s a werewolf, can’t you see its huge teeth and hairy mouth”
“No its just a dog, if it was a werewolf, part of its head would be human”
“Its a werewolf, these intestines are not a dog’s intestines!”
“Its just a dog, I’ve seen werewolves before they are much, much bigger”


The intestines were displayed on a tree to prove they were not from a dog


A man fails to convince the children its a dog

Our neighbor says there are still two more NGUR alive, we pray that an angry mob doesn’t take someone’s life!

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  1. So… In your opinion was it a dog?

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