And then there were four

Riaan and Phoebe came to visit! Everybody said Phoebe and I must be identical twins. Judge for yourself. Riaan had multiple requests from our female neighbors to cut off his golden locks and give them the wig. Thanks to Phoebe and her awesome tutoring of our neighbors kids who have limited educational opportunities, 4 year old Odong can hold a pen and draw pictures, 6 year old Moi has  started to read, and 12 year old Rachael now knows that the world is round and that there are more than two continents (her previous opinion was that there was Africa, and then the continent where everyone else lived).

Riaan installs a tippy-tap next door with his usual audience:


Phoebe skillfully fills our jerrycan from the roof:


Riaan with Nick’s bountiful crop of maize:


If I was mean I would caption this photo ‘let them eat cake’. Little Peter and Paul sample Phoebe’s pancakes:


Riaan’s solution to troublesome fire starting…pour on the leftover painty- paraffin:


Chilling on the step:


Exotic bird? War plane? Spirits of ebola-fighting hospital heroes laid to rest?


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3 Responses to And then there were four

  1. mhall1411 says:

    Hey Nick and Tess,
    Loving the pics! And so great to read about some of the experiences Riaan and Phoebe are having. Enjoy your time with them. Lots of love, Dan and Jodes xxx

    • Rosemary Francis says:

      How lovely that you’ve had Phoebe & Riaan staying with you. Good that they’ve shared some of your activities and met your friends. I know you’ll be looking forward to pet & Ali’s visit next year. I’m going ‘over the hill’ to Ruby Bay to see them on Wednesday, and looking forward to meeting the kids. May God bless you in all your endeavours. love Rose

      • ntlaing says:

        Thanks for the message Rose, that’s really encouraging. Have fun at Pete and Ali’s, tell us how the kids are and how their new painting looks 🙂

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