The Invasion – ‘Kwidi’ are coming (Video!)

There’s a strange sound that comes from the big tree just outside our house (you’ll hear it during the video). Its a bit like water continuously dripping on the ground. I had no idea what made the noise until I stood with my hands out underneath. Tiny black cubes dropped into my hands, and the reason for the noised dawned on my rather slow brain – Caterpillar droppings!!! When I looked down the ground around the tree was covered with them, a few cm deep even at the base of the tree.
Enjoy the rubbish wildlife clip – this is 2 minutes of your life you ain’t getting back :p
NB: We’d love to know what kind of caterpillars these are, if they actually can do harm and what kind of butterfly they hatch into. Initial googling has been inconclusive – please help 😀

ALSO this is in our former hospital home, not in our current home – for those that are confused by the conflicting images!

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8 Responses to The Invasion – ‘Kwidi’ are coming (Video!)

  1. katevday says:

    Hey guys, that’s incredible! This is the best site I could find:

    This has pictures of an Australian one but might be related. It walks in lines!!

    A similar Ugandan one here?

    This site might also be useful:

    • ntlaing says:

      Wow well done Kate Pprocesssionary moths is the win Kate well done the article rings completely true. I think that has it nailed! I really want to put them on the edge of a basin now and see if they go around in circles…. I was hoping they would
      turn into butterflies rather than moths though :p

  2. Absolutely loving your posts, Tessa and Nick. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ray says:

    Hi. In Mbale there was a little caterpillar which I only heard called “hairy caterpillar” . It looked pretty much the same as your little buddies. I only saw 2 in the 6 months I was there – certainly nothing like your population. It wasn’t considered wise to touch these as they left hairs embedded in your skin which were quite painful. I didn’t have the ambition to test this out. Enjoying your posts. Regards & Love, Ray

    • ntlaing says:

      Hey Ray! Yeah we’ve seen 3 or 4 types here. One of them at least leaves the horrible hairs embedded in your skin (had that happen), but not this one. We never had the ambition to test it out, there were just so many we accidentally stood on them or found them in our shirts etc so had them rubbing against us a bit!

  4. Kaye says:

    Love reading your posts guys – big hugs to you both – Love Kaye xx

  5. Hey Tess and Nick,
    We’re assuming you don’t get hairy grubs in Kiwiland – there’s nothing else dangerous there. Surprised you got that close and even let them frolick in your doorway!

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