More Bathroom Friends

Who would have thought our toilet would be at the center of our wildlife exploration in Uganda? Who needs a national park when you have a toilet. After Lizard, frog, cockroach and giant millipede experiences there was more coming.

Neighbour: “There’s a bird in the toilet”
Me:   “Oh really” (Not so interested, this isn’t unheard of)
Neighbour: “We’re scared of it! We’ve never seen this bird before.”
Me:  “Really? (Starting to get interested) That’s odd, what does it look like”
Neighbour: “I can’t describe it. It’s bigger than a pigeon, it has big eyes and it looks strange”


I wandered to the toilet to find a gorgeous owl, looking a bit perplexed. It was lucky to not have fallen into the toilet hole! I was amazed that none of the locals had seen one before, as they can’t be that rare around here. On reflection though, owls are quite odd creatures and I can see why they could be scary! We ushered him out and he flew away to eat more pesky rats and live another day



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7 Responses to More Bathroom Friends

  1. Myriam says:


  2. Jon Slack says:

    I love these stories from you two!! It’s so refreshing to get to hear about the highs, lows, and just those random things that make life worth living (like owls in the toilet)!

  3. Jean Catherine Hollis says:

    And here is me thinking you did not care about fashion! Owls are so fashionable over here……ornaments, on children’s clothes, cards etc. Bless you.

  4. Ray says:

    It is beautiful. Looks a lot larger than our morepork. Could be intimidating with such big, fierce looking eyes. Love, Ray

  5. Kaye Lindsay says:

    Cute and better than finding a bat I would’ve thought! Love and hugs. Kaye

  6. Gabby Axcell says:

    I want one in my loo.
    It’s so cute 😀

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