Ugandan Suburbia

Suburbia Ugandan style

After 7 days in Kampala and 6 at the Bishop’s house in the north, we’ve moved into our a wee 2 room ‘Ot bati’ (any house which isn’t a hut). The location couldn’t be better, only a few hundred meters opposite Lacor hospital, we’re we’ll be permanently living in 4ish months time. It’s perfect for us, surrounded by mostly ‘ot loom’ (grass roofed hut) and a bunch of similar style Ot bati. You’d probably call it suburbia Ugandan style, the vibe is somewhere between a small town and a village. Its a great opportunity to get a feel for the local way of life.

Our days currently consist of around 4-5 hours learning language with our helper, with the rest of our time mostly spent hanging with the local community, cooking and cleaning (which take a LOT longer than we’re used to).

I’m sure you don’t want to know exactly where it is, but on google maps……


The circles are ‘ot loom’ and the other houses ‘ot bati’

The view out the front. There are usually more people, but we’re trying to avoid flashing the camera around so we snapped it at a time when everyone had just run away (more on that later…)


Hope to share some of our experiences here soon!

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4 Responses to Ugandan Suburbia

  1. Y.M. says:

    Very nice blog. Sure you’ll enjoy your life there, have fun !!!

  2. Peter says:

    For those, like me, who want to see where your place is relative to the rest of Gulu, go to 2°45’43.43″N, 32°15’10.53″E. Thanks for the post… its so cool to be able to imagine a bit more of what its like there!

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